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We collaborate with individuals, organizations, schools, and universities all over the world.


Every KIDS ON EARTH interview is the result of a collaboration with parents, teachers, or other adults. The adults' job is to select the children and teenagers, provide a quiet place for each interview, secure signed permission forms, and assist with technical details (whether in person on location, or via ZOOM). We work mostly with volunteers, as this is a self-funded activity. We look forward to future interviews with kids all over the world.

For further information about local production, please review the PDF below. The permission form is also provided separately.

Production Kit +
Permission Form for Parents / Guardians

Permission Form for Parents / Guardians


This comes next -  a parallel series of interviews with educators. Each interview will run about 15 minutes. Most will be conducted via ZOOM. If you are a primary or secondary teacher, and you can arrange for a reliable internet connection with good light and sound, we will be happy to schedule an interview. The finished interviews become a new showcase on

If you are interested, please tell us about yourself in the form below.


Much of our work involves collaborative discussions, both online and in person. Our range is broad -- kids live and learn everywhere in the entire world -- and our collaborators are students, teachers, university researchers, administrators, and government officials.

We regularly participate in discussions associated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (particularly 4 - Quality Education, but others as well). And in primary and secondary public school. And we are learning a great deal about Africa.

Media and consulting inquiries are welcome, too.

Permission Form for Adults (including teachers)

Let's begin a conversation.
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