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  • In 2017, Kids on Earth conducted its first interviews with young people in and near Kampala, Uganda. Today, the Kids on Earth video library includes children and teenagers from Kampala, Uganda; Nkome, Uganda; Hong Kong; Altrincham, England (near Manchester); Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; Oriahovitsa, Bulgaria; Piran, Slovenia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; Southport, England; Weston-sur-Mer, England; Fleming-Neon, Kentucky, USA; South Charleston, West Virginia, USA; Sergeantsville, New Jersey, USA; Holland, Pennsylvania, USA; Richboro, Pennsylvania, USA; Domanec, Kosovo; São Paulo, Brazil; Embu das Artes, Brazil; Cota, Brazil; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Montevideo, Uruguay; San Felipe, Chile; Valparaiso, Chile; Cerritos, Paraguay; Remansito, Paraguay; Areguá, Paraguay; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Stockholm, Sweden—along with children and teenagers from: Georgia; Moldova; Japan; Russia; Israel; India; Thailand; Sierra Leone; Pakistan; Palestine; Nigeria; Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Mexico; Barbados; Latvia; Cyprus; and more.

  • Every interview is a conversation, mostly led by the child/teenager and his or her curiosity. We talk about life at home, plans for the future, local history, friendship, school, food, and also more serious topics including climate change, safety and security, beliefs and knowledge, local culture, fears, health, technology, the brain and the mind, learning, and many other topics (the variety is fascinating: be sure to watch videos in the Kids on Earth library to experience the wide range of topics and ideas that matter to 21st century kids.)

  • Our interview process is ongoing. We are always interviewing more kids from more places around the world. And we are always learning.


Manchester, England

Explaining what kids can
do today in order to
help others in need.

Explaining what life is
like growing up and being
a kid in Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia



Richboro, PA, U.S.A.

Life at home is


and never quiet!

After a doctor helped her

get well, she decided to

become a pediatrician.

Oriahovitsa, Bulgaria


Aiydan speaks the truth about his  life, his challenges, and
why is he is unique.

Eastern Kentucky, U.S.


Rosa seeks a place
where she can be herself,
but that place is probably not Greece.

Athens, Greece



Kampala, Uganda

Talking about his life in
Uganda and England, and

about slavery in the


Discussing his background and role as the founder of Kids on Earth™

Gurugram, India




Talking about the start of Kids on Earth, and his background.

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